Blog: Boston on a Budget

The Sacred Cod and the Holy Mackerel

While a tour of the Massachusetts State House might sound a little dry, we assure you, the storied history of the building and of the state itself is anything but. Visitors can take a free tour of the State House and learn the various construction obstacles that the building, considered a masterpiece of Federal architecture, had to overcome, as well as certain quirks within, including the Sacred Cod, a five-foot long wooden carving of a cod that hangs in the House of Representatives chamber as a memorial to the importance of cod-fishery to the economy of Boston. The cod is in its third incarnation, the first one having disappeared during a fire in 1747 and the second lost during the American Revolution. The cod is accompanied by the Holy Mackerel, a nickname for a brass-casted fish that hangs in the Senate chamber. Less than ten minutes from our downtown Boston hotel, the price is right, and the fish story only gets stranger (trust us).

Address: 24 Beacon St, Beacon Hill, Boston