Blog: Boston on a Budget

Carve The Perfect Pumpkin

Nothing says Fall like Halloween and nothing says Halloween like pumpkin carving! On October 17th, from noon to 3pm, you can unleash your inner pumpkin artist by heading to 75 Chestnut, one of Beacon Hill’s most charming restaurants, for their 10th annual Pumpkin Fest, where visitors of all ages can carve, decorate or paint some pumpkins. The pumpkins are all complimentary too, you just have to call ahead to reserve one! Located less than ten minutes from our Boston hotel, along with the pumpkins, visitors can also try new fall items on 75 Chestnut’s menu, like Apple and Pumpkin Martinis and a Harvest Pumpkin Bisque, (these however, are not complimentary). So head out, grab a pumpkin and give it a big ol’ spooky grin.

Address: 75 Chestnut St, Boston